MERs members attend regular trainings to keep our skills up to date and fresh. Please visit the Events page for an up to date list of training opportunities.

Here is a sampling of our training events:

Feb 22 2014 – MERS is having their first ‘open to the public’ training

If you live in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area, you are invited to our first ever ‘open to the public’ training! Come check us out!

Missouri Emergency Rescue Service (MERS) Large Animal Rescue is having their next training at Bridle Ridge Acres and is inviting the public to join. While MERS trains regularly, this is the first time a training has been open to the public. We will show how we train, exactly what we do, why we perform certain techniques, what you should and shouldn’t do if your horse is in distress, what our equipment is used for and much more. MERS is always looking for new members that feel they may have what it takes and that contribute to the community. If you have any interest in becoming a member, this event will be your opportunity to have questions answered.

Oct 27 2012 – MERS Had their regularly scheduled Training

MERS had their regularly scheduled Training on Saturday, October 27th, 2012. There was a brisk breeze at 8:00am, with the outside temperature in the low 30’s. After a brief meeting inside our Rescue Trailer, where we had our portable propane heater turned on, we then proceeded to practice our rescue knots. All MERS members are required to be proficient with the six specific rescue knots, and this is the first thing that we do at each training.

We then went outside of the rescue trailer, and set up our MERS A-Frame, along with practiced setting up the 9:1 Mechanical Advantage system. We use the A-Frame and the 9:1 on almost every call out that we respond to. It was a great morning to bond with all of the MERSmembers. We continue to be ‘tuned up’, and waiting for the next emergency call to help make a difference in a large animals life.

Apr 16 2011 – Practice, Practice, Practice

MERS held it’s regular training on Saturday, April 16th, 2011. All members are required to know and be proficient with 8 specific Rescue Knots. In addition, all members must know how to set up the 9:1 mechanical advantage system, which is set up by running rescue rope through a series of carabiners & pulleys a specific way, to give the rescuers the mechanical advantage needed to lift a horse, or even trailer. It is very important that all members are familiar with this, because we have already been required to use the 9:1 four times already this year. We were excited to welcome 2 new members to MERS today.

MERS also had the opportunity to re-inventory our equipment in the rescue trailer. In addition to various types of pre-made Rescue Ropes, we also have 4 Bags of Rescue Rope that are used on a regular basis. We have a bag that contains 300’, 200’, 150’, and 50’ of hi-techCMC Rescue rope. Although we inspect all of our equipment after each use, today we had the opportunity to take all of the Rescue Ropes out of their bags, and perform even closer inspections on all of them.

After responding on our 18th call out of the year just yesterday, it is always good to re-group and be able to train and have discussions in a non-rescue situation.

Oct 9 2010 – Raising overturned horse trailer

MERS held another training on Saturday, October 9th, 2010. To date, we have responded to 20 call outs this year for our services, compared to 43 for 2009. Although the majority of our calls are for horses stuck in ravines, stuck in mud, down in a stall, we feel that it is very important to stay on top of the proper techniques to raise an overturned horse trailer in a very controlled manner, so as to not further injure the horse.

With our regular training, and all of the call outs that we respond to, MERS truly is “The Professional Team” that the community counts on and depends on when there is a true emergency situation.

Jan 16 2010 – Training

MERS trains on a regular schedule, rain or shine, snow or ice. With MERS having the great reputation that it does, we must be trained and ready to go when called upon.

All MERS members are proficient with specific Rescue Knotss

Figure 8
Figure 8 On a Bight
Figure 8 Follow Through
Butterfly Knot
Double Fisherman
Prussik Loop
Water Knot
Emergency Rope Halter

In addition, all members are proficent with setting up and understanding how to use a 9:1 mechanical advantage system through a series of carabiners and pulleys.

Mar 21 2009 – MERS Conducts Training @ Six Flags

On Saturday, March 21st, 2009,MERS conducted an intense training @ Six Flags. MERS trained on raising an overturned horse trailer, practiced setting up a 3-2-1 Picket system, trained on setting up the 9:1 Mechanical System, the Braking side, practiced the Mud Rescue, just to name a few of the subjects that we trained for on this day.

July 26 2008 – MERS trains with Mud Rescue Equipment

MERS trains on a regular basis with our Mud Rescue Equipment. What many people do not realize, is that when a horse (or a person) is stuck in the mud, normally they are not stuck from the mud, but rather the suction that is created from being in the mud. Our Mud Rescue Equipment is designed and successfully eliminates that suction by introducing 40psi of air to the victims feet, by using our portable generator along with our portable air compressor. This Mud Rescue Equipment has proven time after time that “it really does work!”

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